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Converting Inches and Fractions of and Inch Into Decimals of a Foot
Decimal and Metric Equivalent of Fractions of an Inch
U.S. Equivalents of Metric Weights and Measures
Metric Equivalents of U.S. Weights and Measures
Metric Weights and Measures
Gauge Thicknesses
U.S. Gallons in Round Tanks
Theoretical Weight of Steel Circles
Circumferences and Areas of Circles
Burned or Sheared Flat Shapes
Burned Flat Shapes
Common Formed Shapes
Ordering Guide For Structural Rolling
Standards For Ferrous Metals
Tensile Requirements
Chemical Compositions
Fabricating Practice For Cold Forming
A 572 Ex-Ten 50
ASTM A514 - Grade B Construction Alloy Steel - Plates
ASTM A514 - Grade H
Average Properties of Standard Steels
AR 400
AR 500
AR 500 - Chemical Composition
AR 500 - Forming Properties